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I have one of these, I use it ALOT! Plus mine is the higher powered KM130 model, and I have never had to actually replace the driveshaft. I just repair it. In my experience, its usually due to either the collar not being tightened enough, then the attachment starts to slip out and you have limited engagement of the driveshaft to the motor shaft. Or, if you are like me and switch from a string attachment or something else to the edger attachment, you leave the motor running. If your low idle is set slightly too high, the motor shaft is still moving, and even though the driveshaft goes in easily, its actually stripping it for a split second as it "finds" its way in. I have found a good pair of wire cutters and a needlenose will fix this issue anytime. You just bend/twist/squish the metal back down and around and cut any excess, which is usually minimal. Ive been doing this on mine for 2 years, original driveshaft...I abuse mine so much that I had an edger blade break into pieces and shoot through the aluminum edger guard. WHEW that was close, whizzed by my employees head. Stupid off brand edger blades, dealer didn't tell me they weren't Stihl, they switched on me! Good luck.

Oh to rain man on your attachments not staying in place, its either due to over tightening the wing nut and warping the aluminum collar to the point it cant clamp down tight enough. Ive gone through 2 on my primary unit. Or, more likely and much more commonly, your wing nuts shaft or more likely the nut is stripping out and slipping. I replace those about every 4 months. Also those little plastic guide nubs on the end of the attachment had a design change and the new replacement ones work MUCH better, this can also lead to the attachment not staying on. The plastic wears out and gets jammed between the attachment shaft and the motor collar shaft and doesnt allow a full contact collar engagement.
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