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Originally Posted by bigpappaab View Post
It was my second day out mowing, and as I was mowing one of my accounts, the neighbor came over and asked for a bid. When I finished with the yard I was working on, I went over and gave my bid. She accepted it plus next week I am dethatching, fertilizing and mowing her lawn! Not bad. I picked up an account, and managed to fit in an extra mow to boot. If only every account was that easy to get. Oh, and she paid me all in advance!
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Did you take any pics? You should take pics of ALL the jobs you get/do. You don't have to post them all on your site. Having them can help you with quality control by reviewing them later. If they look good, use them on your site. At least you'll have some to pick and choose from. You shouldn't EVER use pics that you didn't take unless you have permission from the person that took them.
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