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Good morning,
I made my purchase last may so the details are a bit foggy but I compared the Fasttrac to the 445 and the Sport to the 225/245. Again the details are foggy but if I recall correctly in every case the JD was more expensive than the Hustler. Both the yellow ones had welded decks and the JD's had stamped decks (although thick). Again, the details are fuzzy but that is as I remember it.

Also, my JD dealer is 20 miles away and the nearest Hustler dealer is 2 miles away.

Note that I drove 240 miles round trip to buy mine and saved over $600.

I have a short and pretty steep side hill in my yard. One reason I chose the Sport is it seems to have the lowest center of gravity of the ZTR's. Makes my hill safe and easy to mow. I would be extra cool on a FT, but I don't need it.
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