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I'm not charging any type of fuel surcharge this year. I didn't lower my prices when gas dipped down to $1.95 a few years ago, and I'm not going to add a fuel surcharge when gas hits $4.00 a gallon. Everyone got a small price increase at the beginning of the season that reflected what I figured to be a rise in gas prices over the course of the year. Now I will say that any new clients I agree to service with are getting a higher rate now than what I was charging at the beginning of the season. My rates on all services for new clients have gone up. I simply anticipate and prepare before the season starts so that my clients don't have to deal with a "fuel surcharge" adding weight to their monthly invoice. I'm not knocking anyone who institutes a fuel surcharge. I have in the past. But I just learned to anticipate the rise and plan for it in clients' every day pricing.
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