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Originally Posted by sunny days 101 View Post
I like your idea; but what if the gas goes up to $5 or $5.50? Maybe on your letter that is going out to customers it needs to say a higher percentage if $5-$6 for more than 2 wks during that month?

It's kinda amazing that these customers dont care though---with low ballers out there working for rates that compete with the neighbor boy!! I had one guy that I obtained from a buy out and he was paying $25; and it was a small yard and we had the one across the street so two can be done at the same time....I told him since we had the one across the street we could keep the price the same...he says "well if you got the one across the street then why cant I pay $20 instead?" I told him "because I am not the neighbor kid mowing your lawn...I am rolling up with $40,000 in equipment". I dont care if that sounds rude--he was rude. In my mind I said I wouldnt be back to do it--but talked to his wife and she is nice--and apologized for her husband. (he was trying to get my spring clean up price chopped in half when she already agreed to it and work was done)
well for now any price of gas $4 a gallon or higher will include a $2 a month fuel charge on it. it might have to be adjusted next season or purhaps prices will have to be raised next season depending on what the "new low" will be for gas prices.

when i have 2 people what want my services that live next to each other or across the street from each other i always tell them i'll do for X amount each since you both live by each other but normally it would cost Y. the X amount is always cheaper than the Y amount.

i had 2 corner lots across from each other that would normally go for $27 a piece and i told them that, but told them if they both hired me i'd do them for $25 a piece since it's a one stop deal.
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