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I like your statement about

Now I am not a PhD or even an Agronomist
I think a working understanding of N will be important, and probably most important to N management is the forms that N exists in, that is the primary NO3- ion, and how this interacts with the CEC and AEC in soils, and the need for exact nitrogen management in lawns to prevent run-ff and pollution. We can compare N to P as it is held by the soil particles, its availability, and solubility, and this will help all of us, including me, to better understand the management of N.

I have been an agronomist for the past years and N management in crops is often the number one way to boost yields, so we know it must be crucial for excellent turf grass management as well. I hope to contribute and help with this thread, although much of my knowledge is biased in the way of row crops and forages, but I am happy to help.

Let's get it on...

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