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Originally Posted by NORTHMAN View Post
Thanks for the help.I did have an Stihl 130 with bike handles got rid of it some time ago,it had issues.The only problem with the bike handle is I found it a bit less manuverable than the standard setup.Your right Alan about the CTS,I'm also concerned about arthritis.The trigger on the Stihl seems to be a little hard on my wrist compared to my old Shindaiwa 230.
Then you really seriously need to consider two. Yes the bike handle is very limited, but with full harness, it do something no other can do, trim at level for hours without putting stress on the body. Then get a super light one for touch up. Your body worth more than any trimmer. It is not about the brand, it's the setup that you need to worry about. This is speaking from one with CTS.

Go try one with a good trigger, 4 hours, it can make or break your hands/wrisk etc. My Honda seems very comfortable on my hand, go test it and see it for yourself. Forget the brand, get whatever that you feel comfortable.
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