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Originally Posted by Envy Lawn Service View Post
Sure enough runs fine with a battery and seems to be charging at the battery as well.

I put it to good use with no ill effects today. I guess I need to make 110% sure the regulator I took off was bad. Might have a spare... might have only been a shorted battery the whole time. If so, I will be even more confused on what happened to the battery.

Wasn't starting without gas poured in the carb cause the choke indeed was not working. The little piece that operates it broke off and you can never feel the difference the way it is made. Flip it with my finger and it starts right up.

It does seem to struggle a little bit with starting the blades though.
Might be nothing. I'll put some more warm up hours on it and see how it does.

Thanks guys!
Welcome back Envy. I don't want to hijack this thread, but are you still keeping a close eye on all the new deck designs etc like Scag Velocity, Hustler VX1, The BB Outlaw, and of course the Cub Tanks Select Cut, which I like the cut of now compared to others?

I know you were very knowledgable in deck design, and it seems to me companies are struggling in this area a lot for northern guys as far as getting a clean cut. We need more lift than most to get all the stragglers, something I noticed with the Select Cut when the apron was lowered. BB Outlaw has the apron on it and cuts ok but still lacks that kicker by the exit , don't know if that would help move the grass out faster or not. Seem like it pulverizes the clippings to small even with regular medium lift blades, which creates buildup. My Exmarks are the same with the Ultracut lots of scraping.

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