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Best way to deal with this

Ok I'm going to try to get enough details written down here. I will be putting in a patio for my bother this year. This issue I am dealing with is how to handle a minor grade change. The distance from the back of his garage to the fence gate of the pool is 17ft with an elvation change of 8-10 inches, the garage side being higher. His whole yard slopes downhill. The patio needs to be level with the pool gate to allow it to open which means removing alot of soil from the garage side of the area. The idea was to put in a small 6-8" wall along the one side (the other side is next to the house) to allow the patio to sit lower than the grade. Is this an ok way to approach this? Is there a better way. Like I said the main problem is dealing with the grade to allow the pool gate to open.

Thanks for any suggestions or confimations.
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