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Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
hard to envision.

and at this time of the year, way too busy and too tired to sit here infront of the screen trying to interpret and envision.

Not a problem I understand that.

We do not build walls for 8-10" of elevation. we build up with aggregate and backfill with soil and taper out into the yard.

Sorry I can't explain it better, I will get a picture up later. I completely understand building it up to level it out. The problem is being caused by a gate that will swing open on to the patio. The gate is at the low end of the elevation so raising that end up 8-10" is not possible as it would block the gate from opening. So the small "wall" would be built because the upper end of the patio (high elevation near house) would need to be lowered to the elevation of the gate side of the patio. Even with a slope on the patio of 1/8-1/4" per foot, it is still too high. It is a small 12x15 area and they want to used every inch of that space.

I completely understand everyone is in super busy mode right now.
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