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I understand your comments, I actually did my own lighting while I'm sure it's not as exact as a professional install it really was a pleasure to do. In the past years the only issue I have is the periodic need to change a bulb. The questions I have for you is

1 do you paint your own house or hire a painter?
2 do you change your own oil and plugs or do you take it to a mechanic?
3 do you cook your own food or go out to dinner every night?
4 do you cut your own grass or utilize on of the great guys on this forum?

I was able to do my own lighting mainly from the comments that the great people on this forum. Its obvious they were not so afraid that if they shared a lighting comment everybody and their brother would be starting a lighting buisness.

Good luck and I hope that someday you may be able to better yourself on the wisdom of others, that is unless your a narcassitic ass.
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