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Originally Posted by saw n mow View Post
Regarding engaging the blades, my owners manual (BadBoy MZ48) doesn't say anything about at what throttle position to engage the blades. I did download a Hustler Sport owners manual (when I was researching mowers) and they say this:

With the engine running, engage the deck clutch switch and advance engine throttle to full rpm.

NOTE: Engaging the deck clutch at high engine rpm or when under heavy load (in tall grass for example) can cause belts and/or electric clutch to slip, resulting in premature wear or possible damage.

Now I was told by a dealer years ago that you should engage the blades at almost idle or a little above idle or low RPM's. He said that engaging the blades at high RPM's will destroy the clutch? BOTH OF MY HUSTLERS that I have owned will engage blades at almost "idle" position with a slightly cold engine. Now these are smaller decks 42" and smaller machines, but the BadBoy still had a smaller deck, with a much larger engine, I would have expected it to handle turning the blades over with no problem.

Also when I say "cold engine" I start everything I own and let it warm up pretty well before I use it, so it is not really a cold engine, just really not up to operating temperature. I am not talking about just starting the machine up and throwing the blades on and going. I usually let it run a few minutes and then go.
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