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I also want to say thanks to all who post about bidding and avoiding lowballing. I was tempted to undercut folks and get all the business, or so I thought. A few weeks in to this deal and I can tell right away when someone is cheap. We all want to save a buck but either you pay for quality lawn service or you don't.

Is it just me or are the cheap ones NEVER happy anyways. Just this morning I told a lady $35 for her yard (mow, trim, blow). She was complaining because her guy charges $32 and she is concerned about price most of all. Boo hoo. She must not be that happy with him or she wouldn't call me. He is probably not all that happy with her or he'd be doing a better job (I saw her yard, it sucks in my opinion).

I also realized quick that not only do the cheap ones hate having to pay a dime but I really hate being there. The whole time all I can think about is how they really need to cough up an additional $5 per service. I'm a good guy but this isn't a charity.
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