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So right now all I have is a chainsaw, weed whacker, hand held leaf blower, 21" walk behind with bag, 33" commercial walk behind, hand tools and tool box. I've been putting together a kit with nuts, bolts, grease points, tools of every kind, oils, lubes and so on in hopes that I can deal with things in the field as I've been learning the hard way. I keep all my manuals on hand to assist along with manufacturer hotlines. Pocket full of business cards, self addressed envelopes for folks who pay by mail, strick records of who pays/owes/dates/services/etc.

I haven't set up any sort of official business yet and don't have insurance. I only have three accounts but can handle about 8 to 10, I'm sure accountants will come and go as things change. My schedule only allows for part time work, about 4 hours a day, 5 days a week. I'm doing all I can to stream line every last bit so it's fast and efficient. I don't have employees or any loans, all equipment is bought and paid. I also don't have a trailer which is a huge pain but all my stuff actually fits all right in the bed of the truck. I use aluminum ramps that strap to the hitch to stay in place. My 33" is light enough not to bend my tail gate.

So anyhow, that is my setup so far. Unfortunately it's all I can afford at this point and I really some accounts going before I invest more (or before the wife will let me, lol). I'm open to any and all suggestions!
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