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I just got my first account away from our base of operations (I live almost 45 minutes away from where we operate). I only got this account because I know the people and they just moved from Florida and are used to paying premium prices. I only hope their neighbor doesn't get wind of it and offer to do it for much less (he's not an LCO, but has done the lawn a couple times).

When I bid the lot I reset my trip gauge and put in the travel time to and from and added it onto the bid. They'll never know. They liked my price so I'm cutting them for the first time today (their neighbor had just mowed it late last week).

What's sad though for the respectable LCO's in dealing with the low ballers/low bidders is that it takes away from what we can do. I'm not even going to try to really break into the LC business up where I live because there are too many of the "$25 no matter what" types.
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