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Originally Posted by XLHBD View Post
Engage at 1/2 throttle: Disengage at 1/3 throttle for maximum life. Disengaging is actually more important than engaging because the clutch has to stop the enertia of the blades.
This is pretty much what my dealer told me for the Exmark I have. I engage at 1/2 throttle position, which is far less than 1/2 power in reality, and disengage by throwing it to idle and pushing the button just before it winds all the way down.

Here's a question for the gallery - I've always been told that running hydro pumps at less than full throttle (no blades engaged, just driving) is hard on them. Any truth to that? My Kubota G1800 never seemed to care but that thing was ridiculously overbuilt and I've got a feeling the trans was a little different than my Exmark.
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