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Sealcoating Issue

I've started up a sealcoating business in my city. Around 2 weeks ago I filled my tank sealant, it remained in the tank for that time because of poor weather. Today I decided to spray a relatives home.

Before I went for the seal, I ran the pump to recirculate the product. Got the property, got all set up and 30s into spraying the tip started clogging up. It took a good 45min to coat that driveway because of clog after clog. Once it was done-yes there was over spray, I felt like I had to dump it all.

Once I got home I checked up online if there were any possible solutions. I found out a gun is more preferred to a wand and an inline filter can be added to hose out-put to prevent sludge.

I bought a gun from asphaltkingdom but no inline filters. Would anyone know what type of inline filter would work for seal coating, or if theres something else I could do.

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