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Originally Posted by rlee View Post
left a guy on a jobsite last week so that I could go to a doctors appt. (yeah, I know so shut up in advance) Anyhow, I told him, while I'm gone I want you to pull everything green out of the bed. Plants, grass, weeds everything. My appt. ran longer than I expected and I was gone for about two hours. After my appt. I called him to let him know I was done and on my way back 10 minutes tops. I asked if he was standing around yet. "nope, all most done". I think, well this should have been done 45 minutes ago. I get back to the jobsite, an see that he is pulling every bit of grass etc.. out by hand. I actually just chuckled. I walked up and said, boy, I bet a hoe and a garden rake would make this a LOT easier. He goes "yeah it would" with one of those if I could only win the lottery kind of tones. I say, why dont you go over to the trailer and see if we have anything like that. About 30 seconds later I hear, "man Im a dumbazz". I said its alright bud, but if there is a job to do, I have a tool for it. All you gotta do is look. So he added about an hour and a half to a small job. Oh well. That why he doesnt drive the truck and pay the bills.
That's pretty funny.
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