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Originally Posted by bobcat48 View Post
Looks great,i like working with river rock.
Originally Posted by normower View Post
Hey man saw you just like 15 minutes ago parked on Talley Cavey. Saw your truck and trailer with the gate down but i didn't see you or your walk behind. Seems like your staying busy. Your truck and rig look really clean and professional. I saw so many trailers with home depot tractors and hacks out mowing today it was crazy. See you around.
Thanks I really appreciate it! I mow the yard across and down one from Talley Cavey right on wildwood road (the one with the big hedges) but my truck and trailer are too wide to fit down in the driveway so I have to park over there.
Originally Posted by deere615 View Post
I saw an enormous amount out too but I have never been busier than I am now this spring so I am not complaining too much
I have been seeing so many LCOs out recently but I am sure by june/july some of them will be gone. I also have been acquiring a lot of work compared to what I have in the past.
Originally Posted by Pressedun View Post
Agreed, drove by a nursery today... Note to self: Don't go to a nursery on the weekend, there must have been 30 or 40 cars there. Weekend Warriors baby!
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I try to avoid all of those places on the weekend unless I absolutely have to.
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