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Solid COmmercial 21'' ??? TRU-CUT Anyone!?!!?#!

Hey guys.

I am ready to pull the trigger on a commercial 21'' push here. Sick of the mid graders breaking down all the time, and I use these little pushers quite often.

I have been thinking about the Toro, but at 1300 I find myself wondering about some of the others.

There are 2 options I am looking into right now...

I have thrown the snapper/ferris to the side for the time being, and have come to the conclusion that the Gravely Pro-21HD would be better option in that price range (600-800). I really have no experience with Gravely though, and don't know anyone that does. Any thoughts on Gravely, and the Pro-21 in particular ??


Also have a friend in Ohio that knows a dealer, and said he has a older Tru-Cut commercial push mower that was used as a demo. At first I thought that might mean some commercial guys might have beat it up testing it out, but he said it was probably used by some of the shops guys to show customers how it worked and it probably had low hours on it ???

I have never really heard about "tru-cut" mowers. Anyone have any opinions on these things ??? I am guessing it probably won't be as solid as the toro commercial, but I also figure the thing probably goes for 500$ or so which is a big difference.


Thanks a lot.
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