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Originally Posted by lyndont View Post
Have a gravely pro 50 walk behind and I love it. Its very solid and starts on the first pull. The cut quality is great also. I am thinking about selling it though because I have two 50in mowers and would like to trade or sale one and get a 36in. I just can't bring myself to let it go. Its a 2003 but it is an awesome machine. I have never used a 21in gravely but I would give it a try. I am sticking to gravely from now on.
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Good to hear lyndont. Thanks for the reply...

I also read the Toro 22156 is another good option, and might be a better idea than the full commercial. I should have bookmarked the thread I read, and pasted it but it seems this has the commercial engine, and the steel wheels which are key. Mower itself is over 30lbs lighter though which is also a big plus I think. Still a bit pricey at 900 though I guess, but that is about 2-300 less than the full commercial.

Still just a bit more expensive than the fully commercial Gravely Pro-21HD if that is the right price there. Not sure how they compare of course, but something to think of for Toro fans. I am a bit partial to Toro with decent luck on mid graders (always thought they made a nice cut). I do also have a Toro 40'' Tbar that I love.
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