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SST18 Speed issues

Well I happened to stumble upon this thread and lots of good advise here on the SST. Thx everybody, anyhow this past weekend I went to go look at an JD XL172 about an hour away. Pulled into the drive and a guy was loading it up and the guy said I just sold it. Very disgruntled to put it mildly, I let him know I wasnt happy. So the guy says tell ya what, I do have another JD riding mower if your interested. Im like yeah ok, so went to his garage pulled of the tarp and low and behold a SST18 with missing hood non the less in nice condition with 400 hours runs exelent. Guy says $200 bucks its yours ill deliver it for $20. Feel like a thief, but hey...... Same price as the XL172 which needed quite a bit more work to the deck and some other things.

So now im a proud owner one these Deere's, my question is that it seems so slow. Like the pedals are binding up in the linkage and are hard to push and hold and if I push to hard at just past half pedal the motor cuts out and wants to die unless I let off, in forward or reverse. Also think it is having the very same charging issue that seems to be a big problem on this thread.

I notice it has a shock attached to the linkage, and the pedals dont return fully to there neutral position. I busted out the the can of PB BLaster soaked it down before work to return with the same problem. Is there some kind of adjusting it may need ? Yes the steering works great. Until just bit ago no steer in reverse. Please help, my grandma could out walk this thing. Anybody have a complete hood assembly also ? Also need a seat.
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