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Originally Posted by RSK Property Maintenance View Post
Thanks guys, I was out today doing a small clean up took 1.5hrs with 2 guys total and I was on the mower cutting this mess of a yard, which had not been cut this year, and was quite overgrown. and then I dropped the mower and trailer off at home which was on the way to the next job where I had to rip out about 250 sq ft. of pachysandra and got that done in 2.5hrs. and between both jobs I made about 400 not bad for a half day on sunday.

the pachysandra was a pain at first, because I had never torn any of this up before but after the first 3x30 section was done we had pretty good system which included edging the areas that were being removed with a flat shovel, then peeling up the rest with a 12" metal dirt rake, and pulling by hand to roll it up like a carpet, then when the roll was big enough we would take a pry bar about 4ft long made of thick cast iron, and pierced the roll the short way and two people would lift this up into a wheel barrow, and for the rolls that were 2ft tall and too heavy to lift we just left the pierced pry bar in the roll, and attached a short tow strap, to make a u shape then put another pry bar in that and twist it twice so it doesn't move and you have a sturdy handle where three people can drag a huge roll of pachysandra into the woods or whatever.

sorry for the long post, I just figured if someone in the future that has to tear out some pachysandra by hand might want a few tips. I'll take some pics of the lawn tomorrow, which I'm now cutting bi-weekly, because the lady was so happy with the way her lawn looked, and this one is on the way to one lawn I have in tolland and possibly a second all bi-weekly for now.

Yeah pachysandra is not fun to remove and sounds like the way you removed it was a good way, I'll have to try that. How I normally remove it that works well is edging out an area with my edger and then going in with a metal rake and ripping it out. That always seems to work well for me.
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