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It's a big learning curve if you are not mechanically inclined to sort through the quality issues of trailer construction. Welds.... wiring.... coatings.... hitches... tires.... decks.... structural integrity... and it goes on and on.

Look at the trailers of some lawn care companies you respect, see what they are using. I'm thinking they would be happy to speak with you concerning theirs.

Iv'e bought about ten or more trailers over the years and right now own five. I'm solo... but I like a trailer for every purpose. Practical for everyone.... maybe not.

Love aluminum.... but I am not set-up for welding it, so I only have one aluminum.

Not really answering your question I know! Gotta do your homework and decide what's gonna work for you.

I would say..... start out with a good quality used trailer..... as opposed to a shiny new cheap piece of crap. You will have resale down the road when you up-grade.... and you will up-grade!

Good luck.... REALLY some good deals on Craig's List.... just gotta keep looking.
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