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Mulch Job, What would you charge?

Hello Everyone! I am kind of new to doing mulch jobs and was wondering what some of you would charge. The area of coverage is 1023 square feet which by my calculations came out to about 6 yards with the mulch being 2 inches deep.. This would be for the main garden which goes across the entire front of the customers house and 5 smaller gardens along the sides and back of the house. The customer wants the finely ground, dyed Black mulch. I have a supplier that would deliver the mulch for around $250 ( 6 yards at $32.00=$192 + $45.00 for delivery).... My question is how much should I charge? I see the average price people charge to bring and spread mulch is around $70.00 per yard. I figured it would take me and my helper about 5-7 hours to do this with 2 wheelbarrows and clean-up after ourselves. If I charge that much then it comes out to $420.00-$250 for the cost of the mulch leaving me with $170.00 afterwards. This seems kind of low. Could you all give me a better idea of what and how I should charge for this? Your help is appreciated.

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