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Small Truck for mowing MPG?

Hey Guys,

With the high gas prices, I am trying to think of ways to cut back and keep my fuel expenses under budget.

I'm considering changing my mowing crew to a small truck, like an S-10 or something similar. I switched from an enclosed trailer to a small flatbed, and the difference in fuel consumption is quite noticable.

Now with the flatbed, they only carry a single 48" Zturn, 2 push mowers, and misc trimmers, edgers, blowers. Its really not that much weight.

I was thinking an S-10 might get me another MPG or two. Has anyone tried this, if so what kind of mileage do you get pulling? I'm getting 9mpg on average with the full size truck.

BTW, this setup is only used 100% for mowing lawns, 5 days a week, carrying a crew of 2. I don't need it to pull a bobcat, 4 tons of stone, or a dump trailer full of mulch. Just 2 people and some lawn equipment. I have other trucks for that.
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