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Originally Posted by Earth_Effects View Post
With all due respect. What makes you think that fabric does nothing? I don't understand that. I always try to put fabric in on new installs, even if it is a pain. Just charge accordingly. Also, 2" inches of fresh mulch in an empty bed is nothing. Once it settles youll be left with maybe 1.5 inches and you can be assured they'll have weeds again very soon. The reason for 3-4 inches of fresh mulch is also to act as a natural weed barrier if fabric isn't used. Just sayin'.
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I'll chime in even though I wasn't specifically asked

This so called "weed fabric" or fabric IS a waste. It does NOT "prevent" weeds. Considering weeds can grow in mulch. Weed seeds spread through the wind land in the mulch and grow very well.

You want to do it the right way? Use snapshot.

**Using weed fabric to prevent weeds is like wearing a raincoat to stay dry while scuba diving**
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