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I just bought a used Hustler diesel and sold my Scag Wildcat ! The hustler has a 60" cut and 27 hp Shibaura diesel the Scag had 30 hp Kohler and 61"...
I was a little worried about cut issues with the XR7 deck because the Scag did cut nicely but it HASN'T BEEN an ISSUE. The XR7 cuts nice and at full speed too. I've cut massive amounts of grass that would have stalled the Kohler dead in its tracks even at a crawling ground speed with the diesel and it doesn't slow down... All things considered the diesel Kicks A$$ in the power & torque department. Plus I've mowed the first half of my route this past week and I've only used a half of a tank of diesel fuel as compared to emptying both the tanks on the Scag. I've mowed this route for the past two years with that gas eating pig and it's always sucked both tanks dry! I simply can't believe I have only used about half of one out of the two tanks of fuel on this machine. WOW! Looking forward to see how many hours both tanks can go for...

P.S---- I also own a FERRIS IS3100 and love it for the ride, It has the 26 HP Kawa, I knew it would be a little underpowered in the thick stuff, but thats not what I bought it for...flying over rough soccer fields it's great!
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