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Originally Posted by vinny_a View Post
I disagree with that, lots of people are buying diesel mowers who aren't just farmers with fuel barrels.

My uncle who is the Highway Superintendent for a town up in MA just bought several diesel JD zero turns to maintain the township's sports fields because they last so long, and power through grass when its thick.

Last year I worked for a golf course on grounds crew and we bought a new Ferris diesel Z-turn and got rid of our old Toro gas Z-turn for the same reasons. I no longer work there but I still talk with my old boss and he says that they cut the same areas with the Ferris in half the time they did with the Toro (same deck size just different engines)

I used the Ferris briefly before I stopped working at the golf course last year to mow an area of 7"+ grass that we only cut every month or so (time saving purposes) and the difference was amazing. The Toro barely had enough power to move while cutting the grass but the Ferris just plowed right through it, didn't even slow down.
Are you comparing apples to oranges?

What was the HP of the old Toro?

What is the HP of the new Ferris?
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