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Okay...went to the shop today to see if the 2010 ExMark Quest SP that I had ordered had come in (it was a left-over in Arkansas that they had to bring to Mississippi for me).

Quick background...there is another of these mowers in town but I didn't think I'd get as good of service as I would from the shop I ordered it from.

Anyway, the mower had come in and they brought it around front for me to look at. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. It had obviously been on display outside for the last year or so...there was rusted hardware (nuts and bolts) on it, the seat was weathered as were the plastic knobs. The top of the engine had rusty bolts and washers on it and the overall impression was dirty...granted there were only 4 tenths of an hour on it so it was new but it just looked bad. The shop had just finished installing the mulching kit I had requested and were planning to deliver it to me tomorrow.

The serviceman that brought it around so I could see it said that they would clean it before it was delivered but said that I should talk to the owner of the shop about the general shape of the mower and see if I could get a discount. I went in and told the owner that I was less than pleased with the way it looked, especially for the price I was paying (well over $5K w/tax and mulching kit) and asked if there was anything they could return they asked me what I wanted to do. My initial instinct was to tell them to "shove it" and give me my money back since the other one in town looks brand new and is the same price...but I held back because I kind of feel obligated to take this one since they had it brought in for me special. They are going to ask the ExMark distributor if he will do anything for me but I'm not keeping my fingers crossed.

Am I being stupid? Should I go with my first instinct, walk away and buy the other one? I'm not so sure that the service at the place I ordered it from would be any better now so that's almost a wash.

Or just walk away from ExMark and get a Ferris I500?
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