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Originally Posted by LushGreenLawn View Post
Thats what I'm wondering if the extra strain on the engine would offset the fuel benefit. FYI right now I have a full size truck, that gets 15mpg with a v6 in it, pulling a trailer takes it down to 9. I'm not sure another full size truck is going to do the trick, even if its a 2wd.

I don't need to use the bed at all, it strictly pulls a mowing trailer. I don't need versatility.
The way 66 chevy implala got much better gas mileage with the 283 v8 then the 250 v6. Same GM putting v6 in their full size rwd buick lesabres. Underpowered and the engines did not stand up due to being over worked.

Never buy a full size pick up with a v6. For 3000 lbs to cause mpg to drop that much just shows how under powered a v6 is for the job.

I have a 2001 yukonxl 3.42, 5.3, pulling a loaded pop up and the back of the truck loaded as well I get 20.7 mpg on the highway at 70 mph. The engine does not even feel the load.

Now my brother has just bought a new chevy reg cab 1500, 8' bed, 3.42, with the new small v8 295. He bought close to a basic truck for $26,000. I say save your money until you can afford one.

The 5.3 come with cylinder cutoff and 6 speed auto. What you will save in fuel will also make the purchase less expensive.
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