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Originally Posted by ClassicLawnCareInc View Post
If cost isn't an issue as the 1st post said there is no reason to not buy the diesel what so ever. I have 7 mowers, 2 gas and 5 diesel and the diesel wins hands down in ever dept. It has more torque, cuts thicker grass better, gets better mpg and is smoother. The only posible downside would be the fact that the diesel engine weighs about 150 lbs more, and i know as some people have said " on a wet lawn that makes a difference" I disagree. If your cutting a wet lawn any zero turn is going to leave ruts. And the diesel isnt more headahce or maintenance. It goes longer between oil changes and never breaks down for me personally. I have 3 john Deere 997 diesels, 2 Hustler diesels and two Wright brand gas stand ons. My oldest diesel has 1300 hrs on it my oldest gas engine has 1300 hours on it and Ive spent a good amount of money on repairs for the gas engine, and none on the diesel.
Got some friends one bought a 997 and the other bought a TT. And the 997 ruts worse than the TT. And my TT ruts worse than my TC, I just think the diesels are over kill for most lawns.
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