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I own an '04 1000Z.

The cut, dependability and ride comfort can only be exceeded by the
"IS" versions that have been introduced after this unit was produced.

Keep up the PM on your machine and the dealer will still be your friend
but you won't be funding his new shop expansion.

Parts can be a bit pricey. If you choose to replace worn parts with Ferris

My reasons for choosing a Ferris is that I've had numerous surgical
procedures ad the mere thought of bouncing around my on my
Yanmar compact tractor for the hours it would take to accomplish
the task of mowing would mean several doses of pain medications
followed by a day of recuperation somewhere between the 6th and 7th

In the 60's I would've preferred the orbital mission compared to the
anti-war protests and racial tensions. Nowadays, I much prefer
a smooth ride, clean manicured grounds and a quiet glass of merlot
after dinner with the Mrs.

PM me if you wish and we discuss this further. I've got friends on both
sides of the creek. Don't know how far "Upstate" you might be?
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