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Originally Posted by gbparn View Post
I am looking to buy a new mower and leaning toward a diesel (Ferris IS2500). But a small engine guy told me that he preferred a big gas engine to diesel engine because of torque. He said it was his experience that a gas engine could maintain blade speed better in thicker grass and he attributed that to the amount of torque the engine could produce. I had always understood that a diesel motor produced more torque over a gas engine, but he went on to say that was true only when you got into the higher horse powers (65hp and higher).

The other issue with a gas engine I wonder about is ethanol. The higher ethanol blends (E15, E20 etc..) are coming in the not to distant future and conventional gasoline will be harder and harder to find. I have been hearing the service guys (and recently EPA) telling me how hard ethanol blended fuel is on small engines. I don;t want to buy a machine that wont have an easily available and compatible fuel supply in 5 or 6 years.

Take costs out of the discussion and what are the advantages or disadvantages of either engine type.
Is there a cut difference?
Does a diesel "pull" better and keep on cutting on hills or rough terrain better than a gas engine or vice versa.
Does anyone know how the engine manufacturers are planning on dealing with the ethanol levels? Will fuel injection engines help resolve the problems ethanol causes in small engines?
First off, find a new small engine guy. I wouldn't let this guy work on a tricycle. What an idiot.

If money isn't an object, go with the diesel, you'll be thrilled that you did.

Can't answer the ethanol questions.

Originally Posted by 4 seasons lawn&land View Post
I would consider a diesel on a 72". Nothing smaller. Even the 72 would be border line/on the fence. Some of those smaller diesels out there actually cant compete with the big 30+ hp gassers. No experience to back that up, just what I have heard.
Have you ever run a 72"?

Or a diesel?

Can't compete? On fuel usage, true enough, you'll be going through gas much quicker on a 30+ HP gas than a diesel. And be able to cut more grass, and taller\thicker.

As an aside, you might either want to listen to other people or just stop listening.

Originally Posted by blowerman View Post
Odd to give an opinion if you don't have experience... To say "Some of those smaller diesels out there actually cant compete with the big 30+ hp gassers."
While some might be true, my own experience we added a 25hp kubota diesel in a TT and have found our fuel usage savings of over 1 gal. per hour and power is equal if not better than our 30hp. + gas motors.

Minus the weight issue, the change over to diesel is well worth it!
That's my opinion with field data to back up my reasons!
P-shaw, field data? My brother's uncle's cousin's sister's niece's nephew's grandma said gas was better.

I can't give actual gallons, but close. First Lazer we bought was a liquid cooled. On a long day or a lot of grass, we'd have to switch tanks sometime in the afternoon and use about half the second tank. Got an air-cooled for a demo once and ran out before noon on the first tank. The diesels I have now (Daihatsu crap) will run one tank dry a couple times a year. Barely.

If I could get diesels on my WB's I would.

Normal maintenance is no different than a gasser. Long term--on my Daihatsu's--I was screwed. They are crap, which explains why Exmark doesn't use them anymore. Still wouldn't keep me from buying another diesel Z.
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