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I didn't say he was MY small engine guy. It was a small engine shop I came across in my travels trying to find a dealer who has a Ferris 2500 on the floor.

Concensus here is that a bigger gas engine does not outperform a diesel engine and the torque comment is bovine scat.

Someone in this thread mentioned they had a fuel injected gas engines? Which brands are using fuel injection? Will the fuel injection reduce some of the fuel issues that are caused by ethanol?
Are the engines in commercial mowers big enough that they really aren't having much issue with ethanol. Or is it the trimmers, saws and older boat motors the ones having the ethanol problems.

I have a JD 737 and have had problems with the 24hp Kawi on it. JD service tells me that some of the engine issues that mower is having are related to ethanol. I think its also related to bad design too.
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