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Originally Posted by KINGMADE View Post
aha at the 10 days ago. 1 month plus. Depends on if they are going to be a regular customer but I still would not give them that much of a break on price. Looks like a monster pita. Do they want you to bag it? also what equipment would you use?
well, I never fall for that crap of "do this super cheap, and I'll give you a ton of super cheap stuff" lol
As for equipment used; I got a brand new worker and he(his wife) was worried that he wouldnt get hours so he was gonna go to his old job if I couldn't guarantee a certain amount of hours (awsome worker, so i wanted to keep him) so I dropped him off with a honda homeowners that I use as a back-up mower, (old aluminum deck). I have a brand new honda commercial, but $1200 vs.$120 in grass that could have anything in it.

and gave him 2 buckets and a string trimmer for the fence (here's your hours) and went to see my accountant and have a cup of coffee and I have a guy who works at home who wants me there between "such and such" a time so i went to do that.

I got back a couple hours later and helped him finish for an hour.

I wanted to charge a min. of $200 but I also wanted the job so I bid and got it for $170 mow only and bag/haul figuring as long as it took my guy less than 15 hours I was in the black lol
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