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Originally Posted by RSMProperty View Post
Well I'm embarrassed to admit that the mower deck, even with only 25 hours since last cleaning was the worst I had EVER seen it, took me a while to get it all cleaned out so I'm gonna give it a go tomorrow see if I get the Mohawk if not I'll be cleaning each night to keep from going through this, any tips on keeping deck clean abd clear of buildup
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Depending on the grass conditions I have seen times when I needed to scrape the Exmark after every lawn or two. Ultra Cuts need to be watched closely, especially in the lush Spring grass, clover, crabgrass or any other type condition that will cause grass to clump or stick together. I have literally filled up a 5 gallon bucket of build up. This is especially true when the paint wears off the bottom. Ultra Cuts may require a little more scraping but leave a great cut when everything is right. (I only scrape my Turf Tigers a fraction as much).
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