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Originally Posted by Agape View Post
You're soooo funny, I guess my old boss lied. there IS such thing as a stupid question.

I'll try to speak your language;

$100 mower= 6 hours
$1200 mower = 3 hours
so do we give a break because we bought a $1200 mower?

If I sold my soul to the devil for the abillity to whistle dixie land, and the lawn would be clean I would not charge a dollar, or 45 cents, or 30 cents or whatever cuause it only took me a minute to whistle it.

I did a black berry clearing the other day, that I gave an estimate for $700 LAST YEAR, the husband tried to save money and do it himself which is ok.

He made a "dent" after working most of a day and exhausted himself and didn't return to it, and later went to alaska for 3 months- and now a year later was happy to pay the $700 wich is cheap for two guys for a day.
I had no special tools but heavy sharp balling shovels, A large pull fork. with the exception of a John deere articulating hedge trimmer ($500) and 14 years of experience doing similar jobs.

the only time I EVER do hourly is when I can't see an ending, then I do day rate of 2 guys, 8 hours including dumping for $850/day unless I read the customer and figure he's good for $795

oh, I have an hourly rate in my head and the expected man hours, but I don't discuss it with the customer unless I just can't see the ending time-(nightmare scenario), then I do it just so i don't get screwed and make at least XX
I hope I understand your thinking
So if do a job You are thinking going take you 10 hrs to do only takes 5 hrs you still charge for 10 hrs
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