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If its the only place you have then my guess is you do not have much of a choice then do you? Other than internet. There products are purdy sturdy from what I have used. I have gotten a few rakes there and few other things and they have all held up. I like tractor supply always have. My sister works there part time while in collage and I get her discount. I work at Lowes as Seasonal help (about to quit though, business is to big now) and I prefer TSC over anything we have. Im a John Deere man at heart and you could not buy me a mower from lowes and then pay me to take it. They do not hold up not even for a private resident. Kobalt tools/yard tools/hand tools really are not what they make them out the be. I have taken many many half inch rachets back for return at lowes. If you ask 100 people the same question you will get 100 different answers so here we go I reckon!
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