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Originally Posted by JasonsLawnCare1 View Post
i've seen those things in yards and i'm like that sux...who in their right mind would want all of those little flags in their yard? just looks dumb and they are in the way of mowing...i've never had to mow a yard with them in it but i can imagine how much of a pain it would be...just mow like normal and then weave in and out of them i guess lol
They put them there when they have a invisible fence installed. The dog needs to know where it can go without getting zapped. They only need to be there a few weeks. I don't see a problem with it. The two customers I have that had them installed didn't have a problem when I told them there's going to be a strip of grass that won't get cut until they can remove them. Both said that it's fine. I told them when they do pull them up, I'll be back to normal with the mowing. THEY ARE TEMPORARY.
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