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I have the new Director for one of my Exmarks. I love this thing. Has three settings. Completely down, 1/4 of the way up and totally up out of the way. I use the 1/4 way up a lot. After my first pass when I come back the opposite direction I use it to make a line of grass on my first pass that I go back over on. This eliminates a lot of cleanup for me. I can use my ultravac bagger with it too.

On my other Exmark I have a Quikchute older model. The handle is hollow and it broke after a year. I had someone weld a rod on the inside and it hasn't broken in 4 years. In my opinion their are too many parts for this. It works well, and has 3 positions, but the 1/4 way position doesn't hold if you hit a hill. Plus I have to spray lubricant on the plastic pieces or they don't move well, which broke the handle. New model looks improved, so...
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