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Originally posted by J.R. Lawn Care
-Average houses here have about 500-700 sqf
-I didnt even know about fixed or variable costs. Could you help me in that?
-I have no experiance, well just in doing my dad's lawn
-I haven't start yet so no costomers or insurance

I just would like to know how to start and what kind of equipment will I need for these residencial lawns. I would like to do like total care (mow, blow, edge, fertilizer, weed control....etc).

Also where can I get some courses (if any) to learn more on how to apply fertilizer or for weed control?
Now you are asking the right questions. For starters you need to use the search and start reading. You need to see many opinions and thoughts. There is a lot of BS on some threads, but the nuggets are there. A few answers on this thread will not provide you with everything you need. Got to do your homework with the search feature.
Use words like:small residential, 21" mower, cost, general liability, walkbehind, etc.

You should go to your local agriculture extension agency. They would probably have lots of information on grasses. The book store usually has some ok books.

I happen to have a degree in accounting. I can help you via email on cost accounting. Drop me an email.
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