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Yeah, it doesn't work for every one, but had to throw it in.
Most of my clients where from referrals and in spring is usually when you get the most new clients, with walk ups. It all depends on where you cut, as in Vancouver we have no problem obtaining work through out the year, and with Jim's mowing here, this is a franchise business , where they find the work for you. You pay franchise fees every month and they give you a territory to work in and they advertise for you and boom! you are so busy in the beginning it gets very overwhelming.

I have been a Jim for seven years and don't take work from the office as i have too much work all year and only drive 25 kilometers a day. and have compressed all my clients close to where i live.

So put your business in your local community paper and make sure it's in the weekend edition as most people don't look at it during the week. And it's up to you but you could offer your reg clients a free cut with every referral that turns out to be a regular client. What you loose for that one cut you will make up with a new reg.

Also if possible total what you make from a client for the year and if they pre pay for the year take off 5%. This gives you cash right away in spring when cash is low.

I have a client who pre pays for the year on three properties, and it puts 5k in my bank, before tax time.

I am transitioning to full commercial and i think it's the way to go.

Also try having clients pay by credit card, this is big with Jim's and you get paid in three days.

I forgot to ask you where you live as this all depends on so many variables.
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