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Mostly the beginning of the season but things are way off this year post cards that in the past would of generated 160 calls and over a 100 accounts are about a 10th of that. So we have re done our referral program and hit the papers and were even having the open trailers lettered. Knowing when you get your accounts is great cause you also know when your in trouble and can adapt to your new situation. Now we have locked down about 12 new accounts in the last week but 181 is no where near where we want to be so we will keep at it till we break through the 200 mark in a few more weeks. But I can remember when Bush was in office in 2004 and I signed up 27 accounts in a 3 day weekend in march. I wish we were in that market again the new reality is cold and dark.

As for the end of the year we tend to shy away from them they mostly just want a fall clean up but have 0 loyalty and the promises of their lawn account next season is BS they just say what ever to get what they want now.
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