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What size tractor?

I have a opportunity to bid on all the nuisance abatement properties in a neighboring city. I have been mowing these types of property's for a while now with a walk behind tractor (D.R MOWER) throw down mowers and trimmers for the small residential lots, And i have been sub contracting out all my 1-3 acre estate property's to a buddy with a tractor. the properties range from 12 inches' of light grass up to 48+ inches of medium to heavy brush. My buddy has a 95hp kubota with a 10' ft brush hog , but its way overkill for these types of jobs, ( its basically all residential from 7500sq feet. to 3 acres lots. I'm looking into buying a small-mid size tractor if I'm awarded the contract. (its a 3yr contract). and i can justify the extra expense because my landscaping business has really been expanding and i can use it for other jobs. what size tractor would be best for this type of work? Ive been looking at the 30-45 hp kubota's loader/box blade/ cutter/trailer packages. they are in my price range. but i don't want to buy more tractor than i need.
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