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I guess we all have great ideas on how to obtain new clients, but at the end of the day it's economics.

If the area is economically poor you will have challenges, and if you see a Ferrari in the drive way well, you get the picture.

We have this in Vancouver, and it's probably the most expensive place to buy in North America, and what i would charge for a cut in Burnaby, some one in west Vancouver could charge double, and get it.

Also, competition. There are so many ma and pa cut and go businesses and then there are the big guys all over the tri cities, and me in the middle, but have never wanted for work. (thank god for lazy people)

Year end and spring news letters. Picture of family or yourself to make it personal. This is also to let them know what you do and like a menu they can order Ala cart, or the full meal deal.

I usually buy gifts for my best clients, and usually get a nice tip back.

In spring i send a news letter with spring tips and ideas for my garden savy clients.

After 5 to 10 years of working with a client, they are loyal and it's like an extended family, with benefits.
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