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Originally Posted by bc3xx0 View Post
Why? Because I don't think it's a good idea to talk **** about employees on the internet?? If I found my boss was on the net talking **** about me, I'd make sure he got his. One way or another!! He's the one that has to prove it!!! Just sayin......

Ok so you work for someone else? And if your boss said something you didnt like, even if it was true, you'd make sure he got his. Whats one way or the other? Explain "one way" and then explain "the other".
If he said it to my face (man to man) it's one thing. If I was strolling through an internet message board and found he was talking **** on the net about us..... Yeah, screw that cowardice b*tch.

There is a million ways to f up some equipment, you could kill some relationships with customers...... Etc..... Etc...

If a oil plug accidentally came out of the motor on your mower the day before an employee quit, do you think you would actually get anything out of an employee????
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