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Alright--Back up.........the original poster said he cut them down to 3" shoots......not allowing to dictate the thickness of the primary stems in question.
You are telling me you have mowed these stobs or stems with a mower. I can understand if you cut the stems down at ground level......evenly you will not puncture a tire. I made home made pit traps as a kid with bamboo and caused several bicycle flat tires. So, I am led to believe that two-- been there and done that LCO's have jeopardized their equipment for the benefit of removing and potentially harming your equipment over a nuissance job. You must have some hellaciously good blades and spindles to cut this crap with. The poster said 3" inch growth and not this still leads some speculation that the average JOE left stem growth above ground.
I am sorry.................I don't buy it!!!!
Thanks for subletting me into this debate!!
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