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Originally Posted by Agape View Post

I don't charge hrs. but I've done lawns twice the size of his front for $150 even though it only may have taken me an hour or less.

I'm saying sometimes I've bid jobs thinking they would take 6 hours, but they only ended up taking 4.

I'm saying that if you have an excavation company and someone wants an hour of work at $80/hr, but it takes you 160 to lowboy the excavator to and from the site, you would be a fool to charge 80. there has to be a minimum charge for your service.

I'm saying stay away from hourly rates that people who think they're smarter than you don't make. because they don't understand the cost of doing business- even if you're only charging $35/hr it scares people off, "you're only mowing!!".

I'm saying charge what it's worth

I'm saying people who would NEVER pay you $50/hr would pay you $75 for a 1X mowing that takes you a hour and you deserve it because you invested a lot to be able to do it in that time.

No, I'm not saying charge for 10 hours when you only worked 5, that is dishonest.
I'm saying 5 hours from you is worth a lot more( or gets a lot more done) than 5 hours from them or their kids.
Well I run a hourly rate for yrs with no problems
What ever Customer wants hourly or set price
99% of my Lawns I mow are set price but do have one thats hourly rate reason why is we dont mow same amount of grass each week so to be fair set as a hourly rate
I run hourly rate on my Skidloader with min of 3 hrs
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