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Originally Posted by Total Grounds Maintenance View Post
Boy oh boy are you guys rough! LOL The one guy drove across a wet lawn and sunk the truck up to the axles! With the wrong color mulch in the bed to boot! 1 yard of mulch and he really needed to get 20 feet closer? This was many screw ups, not just one time and I am bad mouthing the guy. My crew told me everything out of his mouth was F this and F that. I had customers ask me if he was one drugs it got so bad. BUT he happens to be a good friend of mine but he didn't' really want to be doing the job to begin with but did it because he was desperate. He just needed money for his family and I gave him a shot and he didn't use his head on more than one occasion. The other kid is a good guy and again will stand there repeatedly asking what to you want me to do from house to house all the while every body else is loading and unloading equipment and blowing down. He moves very very slllloooowww and you can't teach someone fast if they an't got it after 1 month. He is just not that bright. I caught him asking me 3-4 times a day "the one that says mix goes in the mower right? Sorry to vent my frustrations on here. I should have just done what I did and not made a peep about it.
He probably read the crap you wrote about him on the net!!! Besides..... you hired him. Being a self proclaimed "top notch" boss. One would think you could have noticed his aptitude during his interview.
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